New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been hit with two suits this week, one demanding information on his anti-gun campaign, and the other targeting his soda and fat bans.

Both are Freedom of Information lawsuits from Washington groups that charge the mayor's office with delaying release of critical information about his efforts to start a national campaign to limit guns and boost the health value of food sold in cities.

The public watchdog group Judicial Watch on Thursday filed their suit demanding emails between Bloomberg's office, his group Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Vice President Biden. The group charges that the anti-gun lobbying effort is being funded in part by taxpayers.

Also this week, the group Keep Food Legal sued for information providing the basis for the mayor's restrictive food laws. The group also wants information backing up the city's plan to limit salt or sodium in foods; restrict tavern licenses and happy hours; adopt so-called ‘Meatless Mondays,' and crack down on food trucks.

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