Less than 24 hours after Republican candidate Mitt Romney beat President Obama in their first debate in October of 2012, Sidney Blumenthal, an unofficial advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, ripped Obama's performance to shreds.

The State Department released about 1,000 pages of emails from Clinton's personal email, which included a two-page memo from Blumenthal that said Obama "utterly failed" in his debate, which almost everyone said went to Romney.

"This is no time for excuses, looking for silver linings, or claiming that Obama won on this or that point," Blumenthal's blunt email began. "Whatever the many opportunities Obama squandered, at no point did he communicate the gravity of the election."

"He utterly failed to explain the stakes," he said.

Obama also "utterly failed" to counter Romney's strategy in the debate, including by praising Romney for his role in the Massachusetts healthcare plan instead of attacking him.

"Obama could not have served Romney better," he wrote.

Blumenthal also excoriated Obama for failing to mention women and Hispanics "even once" during the debate, or for reminding people how Obamacare would help people.

"Obama's closing statement, explaining his understanding of the nation, was bizarre in the extreme, historically false and seemingly ignorant," he added.

Blumenthal said he worried that Obama's performance meant he could lose the election. The title of the memo was "It Now Depends On Biden," and Blumenthal said it was up to the vice president to attack Romney in his debate with Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan.

"Biden must do this now," Blumenthal warned. "Democrats cannot wait for Obama's next debate in two weeks."