On Fox News last night, host Bill O’Reilly asked NBC Sportscaster Bob Costas if he would like to own a gun if he was involved in a theater shooting like the one in Colorado.

“Bob Costas and O’Reilly are in the theater,” began O’Reilly. “Do you want to hit the floor and hope you don’t get shot or have a gun on you that you could protect yourself?”

“I don’t want a gun on me, no,” Costas said. “In that situation, in the dark, in the confusion, I think it’s highly more likely that there would be more carnage – bullets would be flying wildly all over the place.”

Costas explained that if more people in the theater owned guns, it would be “far more likely” that there would be a dispute over “somebody stepping on someone’s foot in the line for popcorn,” than someone actually stepping up to take down a shooter.

Costas continued to criticize a “gun culture” among professional athletes that needed to be addressed.

“They may feel that it’s part of a romanticized culture … influenced by some of what we see in the inner cities some of what may be glamorized gangster rap videos whatever it may be,” Costas explained. “It plays itself out in different ways, different demographics.”