Did you hear the heartwarming story about Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell helping out the local boy who didn't finish college?

Examiner sports reporter John Keim has the touching details:

The team and the state announced Wednesday that the Redskins will conduct training camp in Richmond starting in 2013, though the site remains undetermined. And Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell already has approved an initial $4 million "performance-based grant to support the retention and expansion" of Redskins Park.

The "local boy," is, of course, bilionaire Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Snyder's net worth is $1.1 billion. His Redskins are the second most valuable team in football, worth $1.56 billion, despite having lost more games under Snyder than they have won.

Why should Virginia taxpayers give $4 million to Dan Snyder? And what does this say about Gov. Bob McDonnell's purported belief in the free market.

"There are certain incentives that do work to bring jobs to Virginia," McDonnell said, "and to be able to provide new opportunities for the citizens of Virginia and I think that’s a legitimate role for government."

Dan Snyder agrees.