House Speaker John Boehner believes that President Obama, stymied by GOP control of the House, will "attempt to annihilate the Republican Party" in order to seize control of both houses of Congress in 2014 where Democrats will rubber stamp his liberal agenda.

In an address to the moderate GOP Ripon Society, Boehner also called the president "irresponsible" for refusing to deal with the debt and spending, and blamed Obama for 60 percent of the deficit.

"In our meetings before Christmas, the president was so tired of me talking about when we were going to deal with an entitlement crisis that he looked at me and said: 'Boehner, we don't have a spending problem. We have a health care problem.' It gives you some idea of the challenge that we're facing," Boehner told the group.

"For a guy who's run up the deficit 60 percent -- 60 percent of the deficit has occurred under his watch -- when you see this, and then you hear him say: 'I am not going to negotiate on the debt limit. I am not going to deal with the debt limit. That's Congress's problem!'... Frankly, I think it's irresponsible." He spoke Tuesday. Ripon provided the speech to Secrets Wednesday.

But it was Obama's problem getting his agenda through the House that seemed to get Boehner animated.

"Given what we heard yesterday about the president's [Inaugural] vision for his second term, it's pretty clear to me that he knows he can't do any of that as long as the House is controlled by Republicans. So we're expecting over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to annihilate the Republican Party. And let me just tell you, I do believe that is their goal - to just shove us into the dustbin of history. I've been in these spots before. I remember November of '06, January of '07 -- we've been through these periods before," he said.