House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said that congressional Republicans will not support raising tax rates while not cutting spending, but instead called for tax reform that would raise revenue by closing deductions accompanied by spending cuts.

“A balanced approach isn’t balanced if it means higher taxes on small businesses that are the key to getting our economy moving again,” Boehner said during a Capitol Hill press conference today. “A balanced approach isn’t balanced if it’s done in the old Washington way of raising taxes now and ultimately failing to cut spending in the future.”

Boehner pointed to the 1986 tax reform as a model for the fiscal cliff negotiations and for how to restore the American economy. “We’re willing to accept some additional revenues during via tax reform,” he said.

The top House Republican said that President Obama, whom he congratulated on winning the election, needs to lead both parties toward a big bargain rather than a short-term fix.

“Mr. President, this is your moment,” Boehner said. “We’re ready to be led — not as Democrats or Republicans, but as Americans . . . we want you to succeed.”