Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton on Tuesday called a Russian-brokered offer for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons an “Alice in Wonderland” proposal.

With public and Congressional support eroding for President Obama’s plan for military strikes on Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday floated the idea that Syria could avert U.S. military action by surrendering its chemical weapons. The State Department later downplayed Kerry’s remarks as merely hypothetical.

But Russia jumped at the offer and Syria has said it would agree to go along with it.

“I think that proposal is an Alice in Wonderland proposal,” Bolton told the Washington Examiner in a phone interview. “Kerry says something that’s offhand, the State Department within hours says, ‘Oh, that’s just a hypothetical.’ Russians see an opportunity, they seize on it. They basically have the Syrians agree, and the next thing you know, Obama buys it. And I think if he didn’t look utterly foolish before, this pretty well takes the cake.”

Bolton is opposed to the U.S. taking military action in Syria.