How much does the left fear Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker? Enough to dredge through his college history to find dirt.

Apparently, when Walker was running for student government, known as the Associated Students at Marquette University, he - gasp - started campaigning before he was allowed, left-wing activist Amanda Terkel writes in the Huffington Post.

“At the meeting, according to a student in attendance, Walker asked the fraternity members, ‘What can ASMU do for the Inter-Fraternity council?’ and told them he intended to run for president of ASMU in a few weeks,” the Huffington Post reported.

What. A. Monster.

The meeting took place on January 24, 1988, (yes, 1988, the year that Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” was number 4 Billboard Hot 100), which was 10 – count them – 10 days before he was allowed to start campaigning on February 3.

I’m shaking my head. How could the voters of Wisconsin elect someone like this?

Thankfully, Marquette University severely punished this miscreant. How? By forcing him to wait until 7 p.m. on February 4 to begin campaigning – a full 24 hours after everyone else was allowed to start.

I’m shocked they were so lenient. I mean, why wasn’t this man thrown in jail for these atrocities? Lives were clearly hurt by his misdeed, and he gets away with a minor campaign delay? Marquette should be ashamed of their 26-year-old deeds.

Walker responded at the time by saying "I found no fault in their decision. ... All it does is limit me for one day.”

That’s exactly what I would say if I got off scott (Walker) free of such a heinous crime.

Oh, but Walker’s reign of terror wasn’t over yet. Two – yes, two – more complaints were filed against him during that campaign.

Apparently, Walker’s campaign manager gave a speech in support of Walker on February 3 – before Walker was allowed to begin campaigning.

I found Walker’s then-campaign manager. It looks like she’s married and has children, but her social media profiles are either barren or set to private – probably because she’s hiding from her terrible crimes of 1988.

The final complaint (that we know of; who knows how many people were afraid to come forward out of fear of some kind of retaliation – such as a food fight at the dining hall or toilet-papered frat house) alleged that a Walker supporter “insert[ed] platforms under closed and half open doors in the YMCA.”

The school’s election “laws” clearly forbid “any door-to-door campaigning or cold-call campaigning.”

The complaint caused Walker to lose campaign privileges at the YMCA. He should have lost all campaign privileges and been expelled, if you ask me.

Walker ended up losing that campaign, obviously with good reason.

I’m still surprised Walker wasn’t imprisoned for these violations. I mean, what kind of country do we live in that allows people who campaigned vigorously to rise to power?