What get's a rock star giddy? Well, if you're U2's main man Bono, it's getting the chance to interview the New York Times' Nicholas Kristof, who he considers his hero. "To interview a New York Times guy -- it feels good," Bono said. "It's just great to turn the tables, not literally of course, because that would be a real rock star move."

Bono's quasi-journalistic debut came as part of Wednesday night's Hero Summit dinner in D.C. The summit, sponsored by Newsweek and the Daily Beast, brought together notable military types, Washingtonians and some celebrities too. "They wanted to add a little bling to all the brass in the room and they got me," Bono explained.

During the chat, the U2 frontman segued between serious inquiries and being a fan. "So, you wake up, what's it like at your apartment, what's breakfast like? Really?" Bono asked at one point. "Hillary Clinton was so taken with your work and I think women notice that you work with your wife -- you sleep with an activist," he noted at another. "Only one," Kristof quickly pointed out. "I'm delighted to hear that, as we know this week what happens when it's two," Bono replied to big laughs.

The musician then pointed out that Kristof also "slept with George Clooney" -- Kristof and Clooney took a trip to Darfur together. "One of the things that really struck me was that it sure helped to have celebrity," Kristof said. "Cameras are chasing George everywhere he goes and it works a lot better when there is Darfur in the backdrop."