A new book about President Trump alleges he called former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates “such a c—-” before firing her.

“Trump conceived an early, obsessive antipathy for Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates,” the book said. “She was, he steamed, ‘such a c—t.’”

MSNBC’s Craig Melvin read the passage from Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” live on television Wednesday afternoon.

The book will be published next week and is already making waves for its various quotes and interviews from some of the closest people to Trump.

Yates was fired by Trump while serving as acting attorney general when she had refused to defend his initial travel ban. It was later revealed that Yates had warned the White House in January that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was “compromised” and could be blackmailed by the Russian government.

Flynn resigned in February 2017 and has since been charged by special counsel Robert Mueller for lying to the FBI.

Yates is a frequent critic of Trump and most recently blasted him on Twitter for his comments about the Department of Justice.

Citing Trump’s comments from a December interview in the New York Times in which he said he has “the absolute right to do what I want with the Justice Department,” Yates wrote of the president’s Tuesday morning tweet: “Today he slanders career DOJ professionals as ‘deep state,’ calls for prison for a political opponent, and tries to sic DOJ on a potential witness against him. Beyond abnormal; dangerous."