The liberal media — CNN, NPR, NBC, the Washington Post and others — suppressed and censored bad news about President Obama and assailed GOP front runners, including Mitt Romney, with petty stories turned into major scandals, in order to help reelect Obama, according to new book out Tuesday on mainstream media bias in 2012.

In "COLLUSION: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election — and How to Stop Them from Doing it in 2016," media critics Brent Bozell and Tim Graham provide details on how the media picked apart the Republican presidential candidates, while fawning over Obama.

One example: The Washington Post published a 5,400-word "expose" that suggested Romney was a bully because he might have pinned a boy down and cut his hair in 1965. Obama was hit with a 5,500 word story about his lifelong love of basketball.

Another: The networks promoted Obama's "scandal-free" administration despite the Fast & Furious and Benghazi affairs.

The duo, both part of Bozell's conservative Media Research Center, have in the past called out media bias by liberal outlets. But this is the first time that they have claimed the press worked overtime to help a president beat his opponent. And they said it continues today, citing coverage of the Benghazi attack and other scandals.

"There is no question that the media fully invested in Barack Obama and played a major role in his 2008 election victory through biased news reporting," Bozell told Secrets. "The media's role in Obama's 2012 re-election, however, goes far beyond bias. The liberal media systematically undertook a campaign of character assassination against every single Republican candidate while pushing the narrative that the Obama White House was scandal-free."

Co-author Graham said, "The major scandals that have rocked Obama's second term have vindicated every word in 'Collusion.' These stories were suppressed in 2012 in order to help Obama's campaign. Everything that's come out this year should have come out last year. In an election this close, you have to think it would have made a difference.

"The press have gone from the right to know to the right to keep people in the dark. Until the liberal media's suppression of the facts is exposed and neutralized, Republicans can forget about ever winning another election," he added.

Conservatives have often complained about unfair coverage from the mainstream media. Former President George H.W. Bush in his 1992 re-election printed bumper stickers and hats reading, "Annoy the media, re-elect Bush," and his son, former President George W. Bush, used harsh language to describe a New York Times reporter's coverage.

The book is published by Broadside Books, an imprint of HarperCollins, and is available digitally.

"The media were not just in the tank for Obama, they worked tirelessly to secure an Obama victory by suppressing, even censoring, news from the public and the voters that clearly could have changed the outcome," charged Bozell. "In the more than a quarter century since the Media Research Center was founded, we never witnessed bias that severe. The Fourth Estate wilfully and shamelessly volunteered itself as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and the Obama White House."

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