An Arab American museum in Michigan backed by the Smithsonian Institution and several major philanthropists including former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is being called out in a new book for hosting anti-Trump and anti-Israel exhibits.

In No Go Zones: How Sharia Law is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You, author Raheem Kassam reports on his recent visit to the Dearborn, Mich., Arab American National Museum where he found "an entire wall dedicated to anti-President Trump activism."

The exhibit, wrote Kassam, editor in chief of Breitbart London and a former senior advisor to U.K. Brexit leader Nigel Farage, featured a recreated tweet from then-Indiana Gov. Mike Pence decrying a Muslim ban.

"I wondered why there wasn't a placard somewhere nearby explaining that the Trump (and Pence) administration had clarified the ‘ban,' instead pressing for a far more reasonable temporary travel restriction combined with extreme vetting. It seemed like the Saudi-funded museum was propagating old, and therefore fake, news to its visitors, ostensibly to whip up resistance against the U.S. government," he wrote in the book provided to Secrets Monday in advance of its release Monday night.

"Pictures from anti-Trump marches in Washington, DC; Baltimore, Maryland; and Oakland, California adorn the walls around the tweet. Aside from the photos of the marches, the backbone of this ‘exhibit' seems to be quotes from hijab-clad march attendees and the glorification of nonsensical placards that read ‘Palestinian Justice is a Feminist Value,'" Kassam added.

The museum had no immediate comment.

He also detailed anti-Israel exhibits in the popular museum, concluding, "Perhaps these exhibits would all be completely normal in the Arab world. But this was Detroit, not Damascus. Dearborn, not Doha. I left the museum with a sense of disgust. Witnessing foreign government funding being used for anti-American activism in the heart of the United States filled me with an impending sense of doom. It was just as Marion Le Pen and my guide in Brussels told me: they're using Western liberties – in this case the First Amendment – against us."

In the book from Regnery Publishing, Kassam points to areas in the U.S., France, England, Sweden and elsewhere Arab neighborhoods are closed off to authorities and Sharia Law is practiced.

It was released just hours after a new suspected terror attack in Paris.

Regnery said that "Kassam goes into Islamic areas you might not even know existed -- communities, neighborhoods, and whole city districts from San Bernardino, California, (a No Go Zone of the mind) to Hamtramck, Michigan (essentially an Islamic colony in the Midwest); from Malmö, Sweden, to the heart of London, England --where infidels are unwelcome, Islamic law is king, and extremism grows."

He notes that the areas are not similar to ethnic neighborhoods around the world.

"No Go Zones are not the same as Little Poland in Detroit or Little Italy in New York. They are closed communities of immigrants who are not interested in integrating into the cultures they migrate to," he wrote, adding, "it is naive to ignore the impact Islam has had on the areas where it is allowed to supplant native cultures."

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