House Speaker Paul Ryan continued his record-setting fundraising pace in the spring, raking in as much in the off-year effort as he did in the contentious 2016 election period — and he still goes home on weekends to fish with his kids and meet with constituents.

Officials early Thursday said that the speaker raised $10.3 million in the second fundraising quarter, bringing his yearly take to $32.7 million.

In June, his Team Ryan fundraising and political operation and his Ryan for Congress committee, sent $2 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee, bringing his yearly total to $21.7 million.

To put that in perspective, over the the same period last year, during the heated election to retain control of the House, Ryan sent $22.4 million to NRCC.

And when the $3.3 million the NRCC raised through Ryan signed fundraising email and snail mail is included, his 2017 total for the GOP campaign arm is higher, $25 million.

"The sustained support for Paul Ryan and the Republican agenda reflects the desire in this country to get things done," said Kevin Seifert, the top political aide to Ryan and executive director of Team Ryan.

"People want to see results and that's what House Republicans, under Paul Ryan's leadership, are providing. Speaker Ryan and House Republicans remain committed to delivering for the American people and Team Ryan is going to keep raising the resources to help our members and candidates get that message out," he added.

While the GOP's agenda has been slowed, and concerns about President Trump's administration have weighed on the party as it campaigns to stay in charge of the House, donors and voters remain on board.

Officials note that in addition to Ryan's fundraising, the GOP has won four special elections.

And some of Ryan's fans note that the speaker isn't even pushing hard, noting that he is still focused on key party legislative agenda items such as tax reform and returns home to Wisconsin on weekends to be with his family and constituents.

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