Branko Boskovic didn’t speak with reporters after getting substituted in the 56th minute of D.C. United’s 2-1 win over New England on Saturday.

But on Tuesday he reacted to continually getting pulled from games early and D.C. coach Ben Olsen’s remark that he’s “not 90-minutes fit.”

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“The season is over, I’m still not ready?” Boskovic said. “I don’t know. I can play more, but he decide to put me out. If I’m not ready now at the end of the season, when am I going to be ready? Maybe I look like this, but I really want to play. But now he decide to change me out. It’s always me. Maybe I look like this, like I’m tired, I am not ready. But that’s how I play. That’s how I run. I cannot change myself. Maybe I’m not good enough, physically, for this league. But it’s the end of the season. When I’m going to be ready if I’m not ready now?”

Boskovic was also asked about his reaction on the field when the substitution was signaled.

“It’s always me first,” he said. “Maybe if I stay, maybe I score. Who knows? Maybe I have another good free kick. I have before that good free kick, and if I am tired, I cannot shoot free kick like this. I know when my leg is tired, my ball go down, and it’s difficult to shoot a free kick and everything like this. Benny’s the coach. I respect that, and he decide best. He put in Lewis Neal, he score the goal, and we win. This is important, and now in that game, it look like he make good decision, and I am happy because we win. I also say I am not angry. But why always me first?”

Asked about his rhythm in the game, Boskovic spoke to how he’s felt during his entire stay with D.C. United.

“I really care,” Boskovic said. “I did not lie from first day when I come here. I say I care a lot about this team. I really stay because I want to feel how it feels to play in the playoffs, maybe win. This group is perfect: good guys, good players. I am happy because we have 18-20 good players, and everybody can play. This is good for the group, for competition in practice and everything. But how can I be happy when every time I go out first. Nobody can be happy. I also say I’m not angry at Ben. I respect his decision. His decision was right because we win the game.”

Boskovic’s display of emotion and passion won’t be easy to ignore, especially with D.C. United’s next game just two days away.

“After all this, I am ready for 60 minutes, still not fit? If you say in some league like Italy or England, the first question journalist ask you when you say, ‘He’s not fit,’ they ask you, ‘When is he going to be fit? When is season over? If he doing practice good, what’s happened?’ That’s why I say maybe I’m not good enough physically for this league maybe. Maybe this league is stronger, I don’t know, but I also play in 2-3 leagues that are strong also, and good in Europe. But there I play. Maybe the way, how I look on the field and how I run and what they expect from me, maybe it’s not enough. Okay, I respect this decision.”