Major breaking news

Main summary story: Manhunt in Boston after bombing suspect is killed (AP)

How police cracked the case (AP)

Bomb suspect's mother-in-law sickened by attack (AP)

Obama, Putin discuss Boston Marathon case (AP)

Obama receiving updates on Boston situation in Situation Room (Brian Hughes, Washington Examiner)

Congressman: Suspects had cache of explosives (AP)

Government sources: Boston bomb suspect went to Russia last year (AP)

Police find SUV believed linked to bombing suspect (AP)

Cellphone video captures late-night shootout (Charlie Spiering, Washington Examiner)

Video: Uncle of suspects says they were 'losers' | Full video of interview with uncle (9 minutes)

Infographic: Keeping track of the family members of the alleged bomber-brothers and their statements (Washington Examiner)

Secretary of State John Kerry: Partly there in delivering justice for Boston (AP) | Video: 'We are part of the way there,' Kerry says

Friday Islamic services cancelled at Boston mosque amid metro-area-wide shutdown (Tim Carney, Washington Examiner)

Immigration, gun control, government surveillance, foreign policy — policy questions arising from Boston (Tim Carney, Washington Examiner)

Where did Dzhokhar Tsarnev grow up? (Tim Carney, Washington Examiner)

Raw video from Friday morning: Police search door-to-door in Boston for suspect

Video: Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick orders shelter-in-place

Video: Suspect's schoolmate: Careful with the quiet ones

Video: Police search possible gym of bombing suspect

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