Is President Obama approaching the midpoint of the worst presidential second term since Richard Nixon tumbled from a landslide re-election to the ignominy of resignation?

The American Thinker's Thomas Lifson thinks so and today he offers a careful summary for the proposition that bears close reading by Obama's allies and opponents.

As the key to understanding why Obama has "lost his mojo," Lifson points to the one American icon that no politician can ever afford to insult — the U.S. military, active duty and veteran.

Three strikes in four days

Whatever one thinks of Obama's policies, it is likely no one expected to see him at the center of the amazing sequence of events in just four days last week.

First, there was the West Point speech on Wednesday that was supposed to restore Obama's credentials as a foreign policy master.

Instead, critics across the ideological spectrum panned the address as vacuous, politicized and utterly without the substance of a systematic presidential doctrine.

It didn't help that, as a CNN correspondent described it, the reception Obama received from the assembled graduating West Point cadets was, at best, "icy."

The Veterans Affairs scandal

Then on Friday, Obama moved to quell the exploding scandal of the Veterans Administration by dismissing Secretary Eric Shinseki.

It was the first decisive move by Obama to deal with the scandal, but he undermined his credibility by claiming neither he nor Shinseki knew all the facts about the horrendous abuses by the bureaucracy of aging American heroes.

The result was Obama walked away from what should have been a net positive for himself instead looking weak, indecisive and disingenuous.

From bad to worst

The Shinseki debacle was bad enough, but then came Saturday's announcement that Obama had given back to the Taliban the cream of its detainees at Gitmo in return for the lone U.S. soldier held in captivity by the Afghan terrorists. Critical questions about the deal began as soon as it was announced.

As Lifson observed, "it must have seemed like a good idea. One pen-and-phone executive action driving the stubborn VA scandal out of the limelight, welcoming home an American held captive by our enemies. The vanquisher of Osama bin Laden now bringing home the last prisoner of war."

Instead, the bottom line is Obama sent a terrorist "dream team" home where they will soon be planning murderous new assaults on Americans around the world in return for a soldier who likely deserted and may even have been a collaborator.

Past, present and future

So, in the brief span of four days, Obama bungled opportunities to restore his leadership standing by acting decisively on behalf of America's future protectors, her aging heroes and her present defenders.

Having been told of his brilliance for so long by Valerie Jarrett and others of his closest advisers, Obama knows nothing of Nixon's tortured inner struggle with demons and won't be resigning.

But it's impossible not to wonder if the last four days of May 2014 mark the moment when Obama's political standing became irrevocably unsustainable because he mishandled the last icon of American unity.

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