With just three weeks before the Boy Scouts consider opening membership to homosexual boys, a new threat to the organization is being raised by the proposed rule change: It could go broke.

Critics say the rule change could financially starve the 103-year-old Texas-based group in two ways: Church-based troops, which comprise the majority of Boy Scout units, are threatening to leave, and the potential for sexual harassment and bullying could lead to massive legal fees.

What's more, even liberal groups are raising concerns that the rule doesn't also allow gay adults to join or be Scoutmasters, meaning that a gay Eagle Scout would be forced out when he turns 18.

One of the leading opposition groups, OnMyHonor.net, is circulating a 10-point legal analysis to the delegates expecting to vote on the Boy Scouts of America resolution change. In addition to raising the financial and age issues, the group suggested that the new rule could allow transgendered girls into the all-male club, a potentially explosive new change.

"The effect of the phrase 'sexual preference' in the BSA resolution could be used by LGBT activists to push for transgendered girls in the BSA. If a biological girl 'prefers' acting out as a transgendered boy, she must also be allowed into any Boy Scout troop," according to the analysis provided to Secrets. "Because the vague and undefined phrase 'sexual preference' is used in the resolution, it opens the door and requires Scout units to accept any sexual preference expressed."

OnMyHonor and other groups including the Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, the American Family Association, and Focus on the Family are urging the 1,400 delegates of the BSA National Council to reject the rule change at the upcoming May 22-25 convention. OnMyHonor is holding a Sunday night simulcast to plot a strategy to fight the pro-homosexual rule.