Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff took to Twitter on Monday to defend journalist Nana Queiroz after she was threatened with rape for daring to speak out against what a poll showed was a startling public willingness to accept the rape of women wearing revealing clothing.

Following the recent poll that found a majority of Brazilians shared that belief, Queiroz began a campaign asking women to pose topless (or not) but covering their breasts holding a sign that said, “I don't deserve to be raped.”

Queiroz quickly began receiving rape threats.

“Most want me to be raped, but some say they will rape me,” she said.

One person even posted a photo on the campaign's Facebook page, hiding his face with a piece of paper saying, “I've raped and will rape again.”

In a show of support for Queiroz, Rousseff sent a series of Tweets saying that the journalist did not deserve the threats.

“The journalist @nanaqueiroz was angered by the results of the @ipeaonline poll about the machismo of our society,” Rousseff began, tweeting in Portuguese. “For having demonstrated on [social] media against the culture of violence against women, she was threatened with rape."

Rousseff, a former urban guerrilla who was herself tortured in prison by Brazil's military dictatorship, later tweeted that “@nanaqueiroz, the organizer of the #NoOneDeservestobeRaped protest, deserves all my solidarity and respect. ... No woman deserves to be a victim of violence, whether it be physical or in the form of intimidation.”

"The government and the law are side-by-side with @nanaqueiroz and women threatened or victimized by violence,” she pledged.