Conservative media rabble-rouser Andrew Breitbart's final major work, a graphic movie about the Occupy Wall Street movement, debuts next week, cementing his reputation as one of the right's major forces.

In "Occupy Unmasked," Breitbart, who died March 1, says, "We are finally telling you the true story of the radicals behind the Occupy movement."

The Citizens United-produced movie hits theaters September 21 at a time with other right-leaning movies, such as "2016: Obama's America," are gaining in popularity and are poised to influence the presidential election.

"Occupy Unmasked" features liberal politicians, movie stars and media figures praising the movement. It also highlights examples of drug use, rape and anti-police violence in Occupy parks.

"It has been a long journey to get this important film into theaters and now the Occupy Wall Street movement will be exposed to the American people," said producer David Bossie, head of Citizens United in a statement. "I am most happy about what this film will do for Andrew Breitbart's storied legacy," he said.

"It will be with a heavy heart that I'll see my dear friend Andrew Breitbart on the big screen," added writer/director Stephen Bannon. "Andrew was very passionate about this film and for it to be released in theaters - I know he would be very proud of it."