British comedian Ricky Gervais spent time ridiculing American gun rights after CNN's Piers Morgan pointed out during an interview that Iowa was giving gun permits to blind people.

For the sake of argument, Morgan pointed out that gun owners would argue that someone shouldn't lose their constitutional right to own a gun just because they lost their eyesight.

"Yeah, well it's a difficult one, but the short answer is because they can't see what they are shooting at. That's what I'd say," Gervais quipped cynically as the pair laughed.

Morgan noted that after he tweeted the news, his British friends thought he was joking.

"Yeah, it's a strange law," Gervais said, at loss for words.

Morgan explained to that since he was a U.S. resident, the Second Amendment allowed him to buy a gun and carry it.

"I can't buy a Kinder egg — those little eggs with those little toys in them — because they may choke me because they're a health hazard," Morgan marveled. "But where the Kinder egg would be sold in a British store, they have an AR-15 assault rifle."

"Dear America, please let Piers buy a Kinder egg, but don't let him buy a gun," Gervais said looking straight into the camera.