Earlier this month, Ellie Goulding tweeted about a 7 a.m. training session. The British pop star was preparing to get in shape for her upcoming tour that will see her perform in much of the U.S. and Europe through May.

"I'm trying to get super fit," said Goulding, who is known by her followers as a running fanatic. "I canceled my one today, though, because I wanted a day of hanging out with a couple of good friends before I went away for such a long time. So I canceled it, which is a very bad decision."

Goulding performs Sunday at the Fillmore in Silver Spring. The show is sold out.

Last year was a big one for Goulding. Following the success of her debut album, "Lights," which sprung the hit single by the same name, Goulding released "Halcyon" in October.

Ellie Goulding
Where: The Fillmore, 8656 Colesville Road, Silver Spring
When: 8 p.m. Sunday
Info: Sold out as of press time, but tickets might be available through resellers; 301-960-9999; fillmoresilverspring.com

"I knew that 'Lights' had a certain kind of success," Goulding, 26, said. "I knew the story. I knew there was a number of things that added to the success of 'Lights.' It really has been on a journey. This one I knew was going to have a story and a journey of its own. 'Lights' did well, but it was still like, everything I do is a work in progress. I'm always aiming for something, and if I don't get there I'll keep working. Even after this record, I'll make another record. I'm very proud of 'Lights,' but 'Halcyon' is a very different vision and a very different direction."

In addition to her angelic voice and danceable beats, Goulding's work stands out due to the fact that she writes all her own songs.

"I find it hard to sing other people's music," she said. "It's everything. When I write, I sing it, you know that I've written it. It comes way more naturally when I perform, singing my own words. I think you can tell. It's just one of those things."

In 2013, Goulding plans to tour and get back in the studio to record a new album to come out early next year. She added that she'd love to explore some collaborations.

To bring in 2013, Goulding went sky-diving in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She had never sky-dived before and said the feeling was euphoric.

"I'm a total wimp, so I had to do it," Goulding said. "I knew doing something like that would make me defeat a lot of my fears all in one."