Legendary musician Bruce Springsteen and singer/songwriter Joe Grushecky released a new song, "That's What Makes Us Great," to protest President Trump.

Grushecky wrote the anthem just as Trump was being sworn in as president in January.

"I had this song, and Bruce and I had been talking," Grushecky told the Pittsburg Post-Gazette in an interview. "I sent it to him and he liked it. I said, 'What do you think about singing on it?' He gave it the Bruce treatment."

"Don't tell me a lie / and sell it as a fact / I've been down that road before / and I ain't goin' back," Springsteen sings on the song. "And don't you brag to me / that you never read a book / I never put my faith / in a con man and his crooks." The song concludes on a positive note, "It's up to me and you / love can conquer hate / I know this to be true / that's what makes us great."

Grushecky said he was inspired to write the song after Trump made fun of people with disabilities. "[Trump] lost me the moment he started making fun of special needs people. How could a person like that be president of the United States?" he said. "Regardless of all the other [stuff], that to me is appalling. I have special needs people in my family and in my neighborhood. I worked with special needs people my whole life and I was really offended by it."

Springsteen has been a vocal critic of Trump. In January, he questioned whether Trump is competent enough to be the president.

"When you let that genie out of the bottle — bigotry, racism, intolerance, they don't go back in the bottle that easily if they go back in at all," he said. "Whether it's a rise in hate crimes, people feeling they have a license to speak and behave in ways that previously were considered un-American and are un-American. That's what he's appealing to."

During a January concert in Australia, Springsteen spoke out against Trump's executive order that banned the entry of Syrian refugees and citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations. "Tonight, we want to add our voices to the thousands of Americans who are protesting at airports around our country the Muslim ban and the detention of foreign nationals and refugees," Springsteen said. "America is a nation of immigrants and we find this anti-democratic and fundamentally un-American."