Dining damsels Cori Sue Morris and Becca Clara Love have turned their favorite weekend social activity into a brand name around D.C.: the Bitches Who Brunch, a food blog-turned-website authored by the duo. "Cori Sue [recognized] that a lot of our social lives sort of revolve around the weekend brunch ... it's sort of the laid back weekend meal to catch up with your friends," Love explained. Morris bought the dot-com name, and they were off.

Now, after more than two years of documenting D.C.'s brunches, the women tell Yeas & Nays their top five eateries for sighting Washington celebrities (and real ones too) and where to go to impress a friend.

Billy Martin's Tavern -- The historic Georgetown restaurant has fed and watered everyone from presidents to news anchors to secretaries of state. Love praises the family-owned place for its "old Washington ambiance" while maintaining an unassuming attitude.

Blue Duck Tavern -- Morris, who once just missed seeing actor Owen Wilson dining there, is partial to the pecan rolls and the bread basket. "It's carb heaven for any carboholic," she said, "and the food you can't really beat."

Old Ebbitt Grill -- "It's like an old hunting lodge inside," Love said of the bustling Old Ebbitt Grill, located a few doors down from the White House. "It's a great place to go when you have somebody in town, it's like very close to everything you're going to see anyway."

Peacock Cafe -- Peacock and its next-door neighbor Cafe Milano remain the standard for celebrity sightings, Love says. Her favorite Peacock feature? The patio.

Seasons -- The brunch to see and be seen. "I'm not typically a buffet fan -- I don't know anyone that is that has a discerning dining taste -- but Seasons would be the notable exception for that in Washington, D.C.," Morris notes. Don't skip the dessert bar, which is "something you'd see in a Willy Wonka movie."