Since he's best known for his law-breaking meth-making character on AMC's "Breaking Bad," it's a little funny to hear that Bryan Cranston was let through the doors of CIA headquarters. But Cranston told Yeas & Nays he indeed paid a trip to Langley to prepare for his role in "Argo."

"At first, maybe not so open, you know, a little more reticent to reveal themselves," he said of the officers he spoke with. "But after they realized my interest is to be able to -- since I'm going to play this character -- it was truly in their best interest to allow me inside so that I can play them honestly," the actor added. Cranston serves as the CIA's face back home, while Ben Affleck's character represents the CIA abroad, rescuing American diplomats in Iran.

And speaking of CIA drama, Cranston says he's a "Homeland" fan too, but didn't use the Showtime show to guide his performance in "Argo." "I love 'Homeland'... I watched it because of Claire Danes and Damian Lewis because I've become friendly with them and I'm very happy for their show," Cranston said of the show's stars. "There's room for all stories to be told, 'Breaking Bad' is one of them," he concluded.