With the opening of his new restaurant Range in Friendship Heights, "Top Chef" alum Bryan Voltaggio feels like he's returning to his roots. "Well, you know, the one thing I did miss was that I did work at Charlie Palmer Steak for five years. I opened that restaurant ... and I kind of miss cooking for some of those people, so it will be really fun getting them in," he said of his return to the District, noting that back then, President Obama was a guest while a senator.

In recent years, Voltaggio has been holding court at his restaurant Volt in Frederick, Md. It was being cognizant of his commute that inspired Voltaggio to place his next endeavor in upper Northwest D.C. "It's right across the street from Maryland, I can be home in 35 minutes," Voltaggio said. "It's an easy in and out of D.C. for me."

Like every top chef in town, Voltaggio hopes to attract one particular dining guest, one who comes complete with a very long motorcade. "I've been kind of researching here what his likes and dislikes are," Voltaggio said of POTUS. "At Range, I think we definitely have an opportunity, we can appease any palate here."

The new restaurant opens for full dinner service on Dec. 18, with a menu of fresh seafood from the Chesapeake, charcuterie, pizzas, pastas, locally sourced meat dishes and a dessert bar.