CHARLOTTE, N.C. - America's No. 1 brewer, Budweiser, now Belgium-owned, is hoisting a frosty one to President Obama.

Asked by Secrets about the White House pilfering the brewer's old motto, "this Bud's for you," to promote the president's "home-brews," St. Louis-based Budweiser said it is happy that Obama has adopted its classic tagline.

In promoting two White House brews, the White House blog over the weekend wrote, "So without any further ado, America -- this one's for you." It was a slightly tweaked version of the old Bud motto, "for all you do, this Bud's for you."

Bud said it had no problem with the White House using its old slogan. "We're pleased to see the White House has taken a spin on this classic Budweiser tagline, which resonates with many beer drinkers throughout the country," said spokeswoman Christine Czernejewski.

It was as close to an endorsement as any big company has come to backing Obama and it's something he has worked hard for. A dedicated Bud Man, Obama has recently made sure the public knows of his thirst for Bud and Bud Lite.