Former President George H.W. bush has shaved his head to show support for the 2-year-old son of a Secret Service agent afflicted with leukemia.

A Bush representative released a photo of the former president, now 89, showing him seated in a wheelchair with his head shaved, the boy in his lap.

According to the family, the boy lost his hair undergoing treatment for leukemia.

A second photo shows the rest of the Bush’s Secret Service detail, and they have shaved their heads as well.

Bush is living in Kennebunkport, Maine, in the family’s seaside home, and his public appearances are scarce.

The family of the boy, Patrick, don’t want their full names released.

The 41st president “took the unusual step earlier this week after learning, and seeing, that many members of his security detail had already gone under the razor to show their support for young Patrick, whose father Jon is a member of the Bush Protective Division,” a statement from the family reads.

Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush lost a daughter, Robin, their second child, to leukemia 60 years ago.

According to the family spokesman, the Bush agents have launched a website,, to help pay Patrick’s medical bills, and they have organized the “Inaugural Patrick’s Pals Motorcycle Benefit Run” on Aug. 10 in Kennebunkport. The event includes a 50-mile motorcycle ride through the Maine countryside and a silent auction.