Former President George W. Bush is back.

Practically shown the door by the nation after it elected the first black president, Barack Obama, America is again embracing its 9/11 president.

In the latest Wall Street Journal poll, Bush has come off his lowest approval rating of just 26 percent after leaving office to his highest since, 45 percent. That is just shy of his pre-9/11 approval rating.

What's more, his disapproval numbers have been cut in half, from a high of 60 percent right before the 2008 election to just 30 percent.

Since his retirement, Bush has kept a positive view of his presidency and the world and refrained from harsh criticism.

In his analysis of the survey, poll expert Ron Faucheux wrote on his daily "Lunchtime Politics" blog, "Since Bush 43 left office, his positive ratings have continuously improved, climbing from 26% in 2009 to 38% in 2013 to 45% now. His negative ratings have plunged from 57% to 39% to 30% now."

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