One president is falling. One president is rising. Now their paths have crossed. According to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, former President Bush now has the exact same job approval rating, 47 percent, as President Obama, 47 percent. From The Washington Post:

Almost as many people (47 percent) approve of how Bush handled his eight years in office as disapprove (50 percent), according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. That’s the highest approval rating for Bush since December 2005. Bush’s approval dipped all the way to 23 percent in Post-ABC polling in October 2008 and was just 33 percent in January 2009 when he left office.

While Bush is enjoying a bit of a resurgence, Obama is faltering. As recently as this past December, as many as 55 percent of registered voters approved of Obama’s job as president. Now more Americans disapprove of Obama, 49 percent, than approve, 47 percent.

The similarity between Obama’s and Bush’s poll numbers don’t end there. Only 43 percent of registered voters approve of Obama’s handling of the economy, and the exact same 43 percent approve of Bush’s job on the economy, too. In fact, fewer registered voters disapprove of Bush’s job on the economy, 53 percent, than disapprove of Obama’s job on the economy, 55 percent.