CONCORD, New Hampshire — Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush brought out his A-listers for his final push in New Hampshire, but some of the onlookers at his Friday night town hall couldn't stay awake.

A woman seated directly behind Bush facing the press' cameras appeared unconscious until a man in yellow seated to her right elbowed her awake. She appears visibly asleep in this video at the 14 second mark over Bush's right shoulder and is woken up several seconds later.

Another man sitting to the left of the sleeping woman, also appeared to be nodding off.

The sleeping audience members were particularly noticeable when Bush was courting Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul's supporters. The libertarian Republican dropped out of the presidential race earlier this week, and some in the audience claimed to be Paul supporters with questions for Bush.

"Governor Bush, thanks for being here today, the other day my candidate Rand Paul, he dropped out and I'm one of those prickly libertarian kids and quite frankly to be honest, we're not sure of where we should go," an attendee asked. "Can we trust you?"

"Absolutely, man," Bush responded.

The governor then gave a long answer about his record on education and how he admired Paul's answer about criminal justice reform during the most recent presidential debate. But by the time he was finished, one audience member was out cold.

But it wasn't the only seemingly awkward moment for Bush. When an attendee hollered to ask the governor who he thought would win the Super Bowl, Bush replied Tom Brady and the New England Patriots with a wry smile. The Patriots lost in the NFL playoffs and did not make it to the Super Bowl, but New England is the favorite team of many Granite Staters.

Bush also challenged a questioner who was video taping him to stand directly in front of him and record him, and the governor noted that he would not be giving different answers in different places. But the questioner did not ask a "gotcha" question, and instead rebutted Bush's confrontation with the statement, "I'm not a Democrat." The questioner went on to ask about F-35 fighter jets.

And while Bush may have misread some in the audience and lulled others into a stupor, he did appear to acknowledge some of his own shortcomings in a preview of Saturday night's GOP presidential debate.

"Look, Senator Cruz and Marco Rubio are gifted. They are gifted politicians. They can turn a phrase," Bush told the Concord crowd. "Tomorrow night, I can promise you they're going to say really interesting things that will make it sound like they're really good debaters because they are. But think about it when you're watching that debate, think about which one has proven they have the ability to get things done."

New Hampshire residents will vote in the GOP primary on Tuesday.