The Trump administration is considering John Ring, a D.C.-based management-side labor law attorney, to replace Philip Miscimarra when the latter steps down as the chairman of the National Labor Relations Board this December. Ring could potentially ensure the board has a GOP lead majority through at least 2020.

That is according to sources at different D.C.-based trade associations paying close watch to the board's vacancies. The NLRB is the nation's main labor law enforcement agency.

The sources, who spoke to the Washington Examiner on background, cautioned that they didn't know how seriously Ring was being considered though no other possible contenders for Miscimarra's seat have leaked out.

The White House is in the process of remaking the board, which had gained a reputation for pro-labor activism during the Obama administration. The Senate approved one of President Trump's picks to serve on it, former GOP House staffer Marvin Kaplan, earlier this summer and is expected to take up his pick for the board's remaining open seat, attorney William Emanuel, later this fall.

That would give the five-member board a 3-2 Republican majority, the first time GOP appointees will have led it since the middle of President George W. Bush's administration. However, Miscimarra's term expires Dec. 17 and he has reportedly indicated that he wishes to return to the private sector.

Though the board's members are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate, it otherwise operates independently.

"We have no personnel announcements at this time," said White House press aide Ninio Fetalvo.

A spokesman for Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, the law firm Ring works for, had no comment.

Ring co-chairs his firm's labor/management relations practice. His official bio says he specializes providing "clients with strategic business planning, particularly in negotiating and administering labor contracts, multiemployer benefit funds, and corporate restructurings." A 2015 post on the firm's website touts Ring as being able to help clients with an "activist" NLRB.

One of the other labor law experts at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius is Harry Johnson, a former NLRB board member who stepped down in 2015.

Bloomberg BNA reported last month that Ring was in contention for a spot on the labor board.

* This article has been updated.