Lawyers struggling to adjust to life under President Trump are finding relief at the Federalist Society's annual convention in the form of a stress ball bearing Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch's image.

The R Street Institute, a free-market think tank, distributed the stress balls emblazoned with the newest justice's image. The bright red balls are adorned with the words "But Gorsuch!" in reference to a popular social media meme used by distraught conservatives, libertarians, and others who seek reasons to remain hopeful amid Trump's first year in office. The Federalist Society is a right-leaning legal organization.

"I adore Gorsuch and he's a dream judge on so many levels and we don't do a ton with the judiciary at R Street ... [but] we just love doing the silly stuff," said Shoshana Weissmann, R Street Institute's digital media specialist who hand-delivered the balls to attendees on Friday.

Weissmann said the R Street Institute made 150 balls, which it started distributing when the Federalist Society's annual convention began in Washington on Thursday. The think tank had about 50 balls remaining Friday, with attendees coming to get them while Weissmann spoke with a reporter.

Gorsuch spoke to the Federalist Society at a dinner memorializing the late Justice Antonin Scalia on Thursday night. Gorsuch told the attendees Scalia's views of the Constitution would not "go anywhere on my watch."

An attendee attempted to deliver one of the stress balls to Gorsuch, or a close associate, during the Thursday dinner as the justice ate alongside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. It is not clear if the Supreme Court justice received the stress ball with an image of his face on it, but Weissmann said she delivered a ball to a member of the Scalia family.