If you’re looking to cut the caffeine without sacrificing the taste of a caffeinated coffee, look no further than Caffe Pronto’s Opus 1 Exotic coffee, grown by Daterra Coffee in Brazil.

Touted as the "first naturally grown low-caffeine, Rainforest Alliance certified coffee," it contains 1 percent caffeine compared with the normal 1.4 percent to 1.7 percent.

As a coffee lover, I had to try the Opus 1 Exotic to see whether the claims it made were true. Ifound the coffee to be all that it claimed and more: decadent and satisfying, with the low caffeine content that it trumpeted. And while it won’t replace my normal java, it’s got a permanent place on my shelf. Cost for 12 oz. is $16.95. For more information, visit caffepronto.com.