Would you date Mitt Romney? Even though he's "less cool" than President Obama? That's the idea behind a pair of ads from conservative nonprofit group Independent Women's Voice. In one entitled "Mr. Dependable," two twenty-something women in yoga clothes have a conversation straight out of a rom-com.

"I work, I pay my bills, I stick to my budget, and he keeps spending and spending money we don't have," one woman says.

"What about that other guy?" the friend asks.

The woman complains that the "other guy" is "not as cool" and he's "a Republican," but concedes that he's smart and caring.

"You've been with Mr. Cool for four years now, and look where that got you," the friend says.

"I can't believe I'm about to say this," says the lovelorn voter, "but maybe its time for Mr. Dependable."

Cue a photo of a white-toothed Romney, whose smile sparkles. The ad will run through Election Day in battleground states Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin as part of a $7.4 million ad buy.