Campus police are circulating pictures of an unidentified man who placed “It’s OK to be white” flyers around Florida Gulf Coast University.

Even though the flyers are not against the law, campus police say they removed them from academic buildings because the “method of posting” was against university policy.

“If identified and the person is affiliated with FGCU, the case will be turned over to the proper office for conduct review,” states an email from campus police to FGCU faculty, staff, and students.

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Some students on campus are concerned that the police made an error in judgment when circulating the picture of a potential student, due to the sensitive nature of the fliers’ message and the already-present racial tension on campus.

“Campus Police is starting a witch hunt on someone who committed no crime,” FGCU student Alex Pilkington told Red Alert Politics.

This is not the first time “It’s OK to be white” flyers have appeared at FGCU. Similar flyers were hung up and then torn down back in November.

FGCU has received national attention in recent months due to a course titled “White Racism,” which is being taught this spring. University police had to attend the first class meeting of the controversial course due to threats sent to the professor.

The email, obtained by Red Alert Politics, includes a phone number to a tip line in addition to two still shots of security camera footage.

Florida Gulf Coast University did not respond to request for comment in time for publication.