Canadian security officials announced today that they thwarted a terrorist attack on a passenger train reportedly traveling from New York City to Toronto, planned by two men allegedly tied to al Qaeda.

“I commend our Canadian counterterrorism partners, particularly the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, for their efforts in stopping a major terrorist plot which was intended to cause significant loss of human life including New Yorkers,” Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., said in a statement today.

The attack had Iranian backing. “They are elements of al Qaeda in Iran,” a Canadian police official told reporters during the press conference while identifying the al Qaeda affiliate that was involved in the attack. “What the investigation has demonstrated is that the support being received was in the form of direction and guidance.”

“This is the first time the #RCMP has laid charges related to an Al-Qaeda supported attack on Canadian soil,” the Royal Canadian Mounted Police noted on Twitter.

Canadian officials said that the alleged terrorists are not Canadian citizens, though they refused to name their country of origin or say how they got into the country. The pair reportedly hoped to derail a  train traveling from New York to Toronto, but officials refused to identify the specific route during their press conference today.