Candy Crowley clearly gets a kick out of her own CNN swag. Attendees at Tuesday night's Campaign 2012 Coverage event at the Newseum were given "State of the Union" bookmarks that look like miniature versions of the anchor herself. "I think this is the funniest thing," Crowley said, motioning to one of the thin cardboard cutouts, which double as a paper doll. At the conventions, journalist Cokie Roberts thought they were so novel that she bought them outfits. "We're in Charlotte, [and Cokie] brought historical clothing, so there's Martha Washington garb and Mrs. Jefferson garb and Dolley Madison garb to go on here, so I have my own paper doll outfits," Crowley said.

The CNN anchor also recalled another time they came in handy. "When my grandson was born ... he was still in the hospital and I had to come back to work ... so I put one of these in his crib, then they sent me pictures of this tiny little baby with this little thing standing up in his crib -- it was the creepiest thing I've ever seen in my life," she laughed. (These days, he waves little Candy at the TV whenever grandma is on).

And speaking of spooky sights, Crowley's considering getting her mini-Candy a Halloween costume. "I think so," she smiled. "I'm going to dress her up like Bob Schieffer."