Majority Leader Eric Cantor supported the "Electrify Africa Act," which included a provision renewing the Overseas Private Investment Corporation -- a federal agency that subsidizes U.S. companies doing business overseas.

Heritage Action and the Club for Growth oppose OPIC, and the groups pushed Republicans to oppose the whole bill. Most Republicans sided with Heritage and the Club for Growth, but Democrats were nearly unanimous in supporting the measure. The result: yet another violation of the "Hastert Rule" -- that the GOP leadership shouldn't try to pass a bill that most of the GOP opposes.

But Cantor didn't seem bothered by this, as shown by 142365646848/photo/1">his post on Twitter. The majority leader not only celebrates the bill's passage, he posts a picture of the vote, showing GOP Yeas at 107 and GOP Nays at 115.

Bold stuff -- especially for a guy with possible aspirations for a promotion.