Should Metro stops look like a capsule or a leggy dot?

Metro has made additional minor changes to its latest map design and is asking for help choosing between two finalists, specifically on how to represent stations on the wayfinding maps.

The transit agency is redoing the iconic map of the Metrorail system to make way for the opening of the Silver Line scheduled for later this year. Metro has taken some of the public's suggestions into account already on earlier drafts, such as adding the emergency number for Metro Transit Police, thinning some lines and darkening others.

In the latest versions, though, the agency is still trying to resolve how to show a station with three parallel transit lines such as where the the Orange, Blue and Silver lines run through the bulk of D.C. One option looks like a capsule that straddles the three lines, while the other looks like a circle used for other stops but extended with small white lines on either side.

Which do you like: the capsules or the leggy dots? Let Metro know.

To see the two options, see below.