White House press secretary Jay Carney on Wednesday said the administration would announce a decision on future aid to Egypt after first notifying congressional leaders and cautioned that the U.S. would not be doing "business as usual" with Cairo.

"We will have a decision to announce once we make the appropriate notifications," Carney told reporters.

"I think we've made clear … that we are not going to continue with business as usual," Carney added about the U.S. relationship with Egypt.

Carney also denied media reports from late Tuesday that the U.S. is "halting all military assistance to Egypt" as "false."

His comments come amid continuing violence in Egypt, following the military's ouster of democratically-elected Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi in July.

The military has cracked down on Morsi's supporters and tightened its grip on the country despite U.S. calls for restraint and a quick transition back to democratic rule.

The administration has declined to label the military takeover a coup, a decision that would automatically freeze aid to Egypt, in hopes of swaying Cairo's rulers to restore a civilian government.

During an earlier crackdown on the military's opponents, the U.S. delayed the delivery of fighter jets to Egypt's military.

President Obama ordered a review of U.S. aid to Egypt amid calls from lawmakers for the administration to take a tougher stand against Cairo.