The Indianapolis manufacturing plant singled out by President Trump during the campaign and targeted with incentives announced on Wednesday it will lay off around 300 jobs at its gas furnace manufacturing plant in Indianapolis.

In a press release, Carrier announced this week's layoffs as part of a larger plan that will affect 632 jobs in the next few months.

The announcement by Carrier comes more than seven months after then-President-elect Trump struck a deal with the company to halt moving its operations to Mexico. The deal, stuck on Nov. 29 with the assistance of then-Vice President-elect Pence, ensured that nearly 800 jobs would remain at the plant in Indianapolis.

The deal also provided Carrier with $7 million in tax incentives from the state of Indiana while the company invested $16 million in its operations there.

This move affects Carrier's gas furnace operations, while the Trump deal focused on its fan coil manufacturing. The move does not affect those 800 jobs saved by Trump but will result in the loss of 632 jobs in Indiana.

According to a Carrier memo from December, the company signaled that it would proceed with moving its gas furnace operations to Mexico.

Currently, about 1,100 workers are employed at the plan in Indianapolis. Carrier's parent company, United Technologies Corporation, announced that it would hire for 5,000 new positions over the next three years.