Just hours after Ben Carson officially suspended his presidential campaign, the former neurosurgeon sat down with Fox News to share who he believes should represent the Republican Party on the ballot in November.

When prompted by host Greta Van Susteren which of the remaining four GOP candidates he would now get behind, Carson offered an unusual response.

"I've committed, Greta, to not endorsing a specific person, but rather endorsing 'we the people,' and looking at our ability as intelligent human beings to make an informed choice," Carson said, just hours after he told attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference he was jumping out of the race.

Carson, who did not win a single primary or caucus, admitted he will endorse one of the remaining four at a future point in time.

"I vote on criteria. If you're going to be president, you need to have a long record of significant accomplishment ... ask the question, 'what has this person done for America?" Carson told Van Susteren. "We need trickle down ethics here, because we're losing that."

But the Tea Party-aligned conservative added the party's leadership and lawmakers need to "depend on the judgment of the American people," instead of trying to interrupt the election process.

Carson told attendees at CPAC he decided to get out of the race on Tuesday, following his loss in every state primary and caucus.

"I did the math ... I looked at the delegate counts. I looked at the states. I looked at the requirements, and I realized it simply wasn't going to happen," Carson explained. He has not shared his plans for the future.