Dr. Ben Carson snagged his first congressional endorsement on Wednesday from Republican Rep. Andy Harris, of Maryland's 1st Congressional District.

Harris, a physician, veteran and member of the conservative Freedom Caucus, said he is proud to endorse the former neurosurgeon for president.

"He will restore America to greatness — not as a punch line in a campaign, but as a belief in returning America to its Constitutional roots," Harris said in a press release put out by Carson's campaign. "What we saw in the debate last Saturday reminds us just how much we need someone thoughtful like Dr. Carson in the White House."

"I'm honored and humbled to have the support of Congressman Harris," said Dr. Carson. "Throughout his service both to Maryland and the country as a whole, Andy has exemplified the integrity I have sought to embody in my campaign. He is a true citizen-statesman, and I know that with his support and the faith of 'We the People,' we can begin to 'Heal, Inspire and Revive this great nation.'"

The endorsement could be a boost to the struggling Carson, who despite a sharp rise in the polls last fall, has not seen positive results thus far in the first two primary contests. He got fourth place in the Feb. 2 Iowa caucus (9.31 percent of the vote) and eighth place in the Feb. 11 New Hampshire (2.29 percent of the vote). Carson also sits in last place in the Washington Examiner's most recent power rankings.

Harris and Carson have known each other for several years, a relationship dating back to their time at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Harris appeared at a campaign event with Carson in South Carolina on Wednesday, where the next GOP primary takes place Saturday.

According to Politico, when asked whether his endorsement of Carson may have come too late, Harris told reporters "Last count, we did two out of 50 [primaries], and that's if you don't count the territories and the district. There's a lot of this campaign left."