As Republicans sit about today, wishing they hadn't cancelled festivities for lousy but far from dangerous weather conditions in Tampa, Democrats continue to make their counter-convention fundraising pitches. James Carville does not disappoint with his latest, which refers to Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan as Romney's "right-wing wonder boy" and invokes images of "tea party fanatics...leaping off their backsides to donate."

His full appeal follows below:

Want to know why Romney put his money on the right-wing wonder boy, Paul Ryan, as his VP candidate?

You’re going to see this week. When Ryan gives his big Convention speech and starts railing against Obamacare, those Tea Party fanatics are going to be leaping off their backsides to donate whatever they’ve got to defeat the President.

There's no way around it -- combine all this Tea Party money with all that Koch Brothers’ Super PAC cash, and we’re in danger of letting this thing get out of hand.

We've gotta close the gap and fight back before it’s too late.

Chip in $3 or whatever you can muster to back up President Obama with a Democratic majority >>

Now, we’re coming down to the home stretch - the election is only a couple months out. I don't want that feeling in my gut after it's over where I wish we’d done more.

So I need y’all with me right now. Step up, hit ‘em where it counts, and send these guys packing once and for all: [link]
C’mon now!