Add longtime Clinton friend and ally James Carville to those talking up Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the 2016 Democratic standard bearer in the presidential election.

"I think the pressure on her to run for president is going to be enormous because I've not met a single Democrat that's not said let Hillary run in 2016," he told Fox Business Network today.

He joins other Clintonistas who are setting the groundwork for a Hillary presidential bid. Her 2008 presidential campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe recently told Secrets that she will take the next two years, after leaving the administration, to rest and consider a bid. But she will make up her mind by 2014. And if she gets in, as many expect, McAuliffe said, she "would be the frontrunner, absolutely."

On Fox, Carville told host Don Imus that he had not discussed the 2016 bid with either Clinton or her husband.

But he said she has made a big mark on world affairs.

"I think she has distinguished herself. I think she's -- four years in that job is forever. Understand, four years as Secretary of State - in dog years, human years to dog is 97 - well, being Secretary of State in political years, you know, one years is like four. So she's been doing that for 16 years," he said.

He also said that a Hillary Clinton bid should not be challenged by others. "We don't want a primary. Let's just go get this thing done. That's the attitude across the country. And I think she's going to hear that. In fact, I know she is. The people asking her and the pressure on her to run is going to be enormous," said the Democratic oracle.

But several Democrats are looking at a bid, among them Vice President Joe Biden, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.