Injuries are not uncommon in the dressing room of female adult skaters.

Just ask ice dancer Barbara Kapinus, who competed last summer with a back and knee brace while other adult skaters toted scars and back problems.

"People say you're just crazy, but we fight through our physical problems in order to keep doing it and I think people who don't have something like that give in," she said.

Not only is she not giving in, but she increased her training time to three days a week since her back problems started to ease in preparation for a freestyle dance competition in June. Kapinus was not able to compete in an earlier competition in January. The jumps were too painful.

Kapinus plans to bring strong expression into her "Passo" dance -- short for a fast-paced Latin dance called paso doble. The dance is one of four required to advance past the "pre-gold" testing level. Kapinus already has passed the rhythm-blues dance.

In the meantime, Kapinus continues to train with her Russian coaches and watched the Olympic figure skaters last week, in particular the gold medalists.

"I thought the ice dancing was breathtaking," she said. "The Canadian couple was incredible. Both their original dance and their free dance were just awesome."