Conservative Catholic activists, facing polls that show President Obama gaining among the famously politically split church community, are striking back at the White House with more than 1 million voter guides that fail the president on seven key religious liberty issues.

Angered by Obama's demand that religious facilities provide health insurance that includes abortion services despite their pro-life principles, the new voter guide grades the president with an "F," and Mitt Romney with an "A."

The new Catholic Association voter guide does not include abortion, good for Romney who has shifted over time to be pro-life. The focus instead is on the group's belief that the administration is assailing the liberty and rights of the Church and religious institutions.

"Over the past four years, the Obama administration has put forth divisive policies and government regulations that that ignore our First Amendment protections and erode the religious freedom of Catholics and people of faith," said Maureen Ferguson, senior policy advisor to The Catholic Association.

"Imposing the HHS mandate on Catholic charitable organizations and employers was just one example where President Obama chose politics over the common good," added Ashley McGuire Senior Fellow of The Catholic Association.

More than one million copies of the guide will be distributed across the country in English and Spanish. The voter guide is available with or without logo so that activists are able to rebrand the guide for their own separate groups. The guide is also available online for printing and distribution across social networks.