The Catholic Church’s so-called “walking nuns” are urging voters to favor liberal candidates that support immigration reform, global warming changes, gun control and Pentagon cuts.

The Sisters of Mercy, based in Silver Spring, Md., has just released a 2014 midterm election guide that puts them squarely on the side of Democrats trying to keep control of the Senate and challenge the GOP’s hold on the House.

“As sisters, associates, companions, co-workers, students, volunteers and friends of the Sisters of Mercy, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to vote for those candidates who share our concern for people who suffer from poverty, sickness and lack of education; candidates who share the Sisters of Mercy’s Critical Concerns of Earth, immigration, non-violence, racism and women,” said the voter guide presented below.

“While this is not a presidential election year, the voice of Mercy is needed to inject compassion into conversations on policy and on national priorities during Senate, congressional, state and local races that will shape our nation for years to come,” it added.

The 16-page guide encourages voters to answer edgy questions, such as:

• How does each candidate respond to questions about the wealth gap in this country? Do they have plans to address the gap?

• How will the candidates work with the world community to address climate change, the impact of mining, the loss of important ecosystems and biodiversity, and the human right to safe food, safe water and sanitation?

• How do the candidates challenge anti-immigrant rhetoric?

• What is each candidate’s stand on reducing the military budget, particularly wasteful Pentagon spending?

The sisters have a long history of community service and are slightly different than traditional nuns in that they work mostly in communities instead of mostly praying at church facilities. They are called “walking nuns” because they are seen so often in communities.

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