What is it with President Obama's Justice Department prosecuting filmmakers the administration doesn't like?

That's what Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, wondered during a CBS interview Sunday -- but that portion of the interview wasn't aired on the program.

"Let me tell you something that deeply concerns me: It's the abuse of power from this administration," Cruz said on CBS' "Face the Nation." "We've seen multiple filmmakers prosecuted and the government's gone after them. Whether it was the poor fellow that did the film that the president blamed Benghazi and the terrorist attack on -- turned out that wasn't the reason for the attack, but the administration went and put that poor fellow in jail on unrelated charges. Or just this week, it's been broken that Dinesh D'Souza, who did a very big movie criticizing the president, is now being prosecuted by this administration.”

D'Souza directed "2016: Obama's America." Last week, federal prosecutors charged him with making illegal contributions in the names of others and causing false statements to be made.

Cruz posted the full interview on his YouTube channel, causing many conservatives to wonder why those comments were cut out. Newsbusters first reported the omission.