Leaders of the House Oversight Committee are demanding that the Transportation Security Administration comply with a subpoena issued in March demanding information from the agency about employee misconduct, and hinted that they might take legal action against TSA if it failed to comply.

Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz from Utah and ranking Democrat Elijah Cummings from Maryland are investigating numerous allegations that the TSA has a culture of retaliation against whistleblowers within the agency.

The Oversight Committee issued the subpoena on March 17, and demanded that the information they were seeking be turned over by March 31, but the TSA has so far refused, claiming that the documents about TSA employees involve attorney-client privilege.

But the letter from Chaffetz and Cummings warned the TSA of "serious consequences" if they continue to ignore the subpoena, including possible legal action.

"You have failed to comply with the subpoena," they wrote. "Your failure to comply with a congressional subpoena may result in serious consequences for you, including penalties pursuant to 2 U.S.C. 192."

"We strongly encourage you to consider carefully the implications of continuing to ignore this subpoena," they added. "As your interests in this matter may now diverge from the Department's, you may also wish to retain private counsel."

The letter was released to the public Wednesday, but sent Tuesday. In a press release, the Oversight Committee highlighted seven letters dating back to November of 2015 which they had previously sent to the TSA in an attempt to get to the bottom of allegations of employee misconduct.